China’s Island Struggle

Time to take a break from mind blowing technology and move to China! Yes, the People’s Republic of China has served up a whole load of weird claims recently, with its dispute over the Senkaku-Diayou Islands. These islands, which sit on a massive reserve of natural gas and crude oil, belong to Japan by a post-WWII treaty, but China claims them nevertheless. According to China Uncensored, a satirical show that exposes the ills of modern China, an Air Defense Zone that includes the disputed territory has been created simply to rile up nationalistic fervor and increase tensions. In response, Japan has also stated that aircraft entering the region would be shot down. While this dispute worries many, like the North Korea’s posturing, it may be no more than just that, as the US has once again reaffirmed that the islands belong to Japan. However, with tensions heating up in region, one never knows when it will escalate beyond control.